Firefly lockscreen


Firefly lockscreen - very beautiful blocker screen on Android. Lock screen with live wallpaper Firefly Live Wallpaper on different topics. Offers eight types of live wallpapers that are successful imitation LockScreen iPhone 6.

Key features include:

· The best app for android IOS 8

· Large number of glowing live wallpaper of your choice

· The ability to unlock

· Security through the use of the keyboard lock IOS

· Configure personalization

"The sad time! Eyes charm! Pleasant to me your farewell is beautiful - I love the lavish withering of nature, in the scarlet and gold-clad forest. " Live Wallpaper with the image of autumn will allow you to experience the richness of colors. Various effects provided in this application, will give a special charm to your mobile device. One touch of the screen zakruzhatsya dancing yellow and red leaves; goes fine autumn rain; surface water waves disturbed.

Basic settings and effects:

· More than twenty photographs on the theme of autumn - this forest dwellers, and mushrooms, and just scenery

· The effect of moisture on the glass after the "live" Rain

· More than ten varieties of falling leaves to the effect of defoliation

· The effect of the falling drops, the ox and the ripples on the water surface - the effect of "living" water

· Animation made in 3D technology based on OpenGL ES 2.0

· Use of Economy battery consumption due to sleep when the screen is off

· Suitable for tablets, because support landscape orientation

The installation process is free live wallpaper on the theme of autumn to your desktop:

1) on the desktop go to Programs

2) then select Settings

3) goes into Screen

4) then Wallpapers

5) The main screen and lock screen

6) interactive wallpaper

7) Fall. Live Wallpaper

Besides wallpaper on the theme "Autumn", you can select other live wallpapers to your liking, which can decorate any device.

Unfortunately, in live wallpaper on the theme of autumn is advertising. Note that the wallpaper tested and recommended for installation on devices Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z

Download and enjoy!

Download Firefly lockscreen apk Free 2.63 MB version 2.2.6

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