Max Remote


Max Remote - Meet a terrific app for Android, which will give you even more comfort and convenience. Only your mobile can become a universal remote WiFi to your computer. Here you will find the mouse control, keyboard, slide shows, video players, favorite games with more than 20 models of joysticks and many other amenities.

You will enjoy the full version:
1. The absence of ad
2. No restrictions to create custom remote controls
3. Absence of restrictions to create custom joysticks.

Full control:
1. There are basic system: mouse and keyboard 2. There does, 3. Is VLC Player, 4. Is Media Player Classic, 5. Availability of Windows Media Player, 6. Is YouTube,

7. There Slideshows
8. Run,
9. Able peredovat text: Type or speak text
10. There NumPad (keyboard)
11. There
12. There
13. Is e
nergetika: shutdown, restart, hibernate.

Joysticks: NES, SNES - Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Play Station 3, Saturn, Gamepad, Gamepad 2, Shooting Mode, Shooting Mode 2, Race Mode, Race Mode 2, NES Max Remote, SNES Max Remote, Nintendo 64 Max Remote, Play Station 3 Max Remote, Saturn Max Remote, Gamepad Max Remote, Shooting Mode Max Remote, Shooting Mode 2 Max Remote, Race Mode Max Remote, Race Mode 2 Max Remote.

Please note that

support 2.2 and 2.3 Joystick only a single touch at a time.

Other possible resources:
1. The program can recognize speech
2. Has automatic server discovery
3. Availability custom remotes (
2.2 and higher)
4. The user has Joysticks (
3.0 and higher)
5. Knows how to maintain custom keyboard /

6. Has mouse support with a single touch or multitouch
7. Presence of Wi-Fi (TCP / UDP)

Max Remote application can open programs remotely:
1. Microsoft Word, 2. Microsoft PowerPoint, 3. Microsoft Excel, 4. Writer, 5. Calc, 6. Impress, 7. WordPad, 8. Notepad (Notepad), 9. Google Chrome, 10. Mozilla Firefox, 11. Internet Explorer, 12. Opera, 13. Windows Media Player, 14. Calculator (Calculator), 15. Command Prompt (Command Prompt).



Download Max Remote apk Free 2.33 MB version 1.2.3

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