Google Drive Sync (DriveSync)


Google Drive Sync (DriveSync) - a terrific app for Android, which can provide full two-sided synchronization with Google Drive. Comfortable and accessible interface, absolute reliability, incredible saving your battery, and also the additional comfort in use, you can really appreciate.

Google Drive Sync (DriveSync) has features and capabilities:
1. Terrific features full two-way synchronization, identical to Google Drive for PC
2. Siyusekundnaya loading files, etc.
3. Extremely economical power consumption
4. Comfortable in the setting. Your files are stored and synchronized without user intervention
5. Sufficiently reliable operation
6. Has

onitoring battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/WiMax compound (interval -
minute 30
minutes every hour.

7. N
Lagin Tasker / Location, allowing flexible scheduling puts synchronization
8. Incredible number of ways to synchronize
9. Minimum code size.

Comfortable you use.

Download Google Drive Sync (DriveSync) apk Free 2.19 MB version 1.0.20

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