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Assistant in Russian - a terrific app for Android, which will become an indispensable assistant. Your personal assistant in irtualny Russian. Just before you ample opportunities, including voice search and mobile th assistant and for ordinary and daily tasks.

Assistant to Russian will be your virtual assistant with voice control, which can be understanding oral requests. Ask him a question, you can get a quick response.

Your attention is given full 7 days to use the application absolutely free. You can hear a pleasant female voice and try all the possible applications of me. After seven wonderful days spent you have the opportunity to purchase the full version of the application.

Assistant in Russian has possibilities:
1. Knows how to search for information, including sports news, cognitive information in the form and e ntsiklopedi (Wikipedia, currency converter, calculator), there is a Fish cinemas (for St. Petersburg and Moscow), a search for your favorite places (based on Google Places) there n earch news, images, videos and many others ugogo.
2. Available daily assistant, which includes b udilnik, Recording the n, n Projections, avigatsiya n, n erevodchik.
3. Annex knows how to manage voice, namely Mr. olosovoy launching applications, g olosovoy set of URLs, s Ring on Transfer sms or subscriber of the notebook in idzhet 1 × 1, and has a learning mode.

All functions available to you already on Russian and free.

It is important to note that - certainly have installed g olosovogo search / input from Google


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