Dr.Web Anti-virus Light


Dr.Web Anti-virus Light - with the help of this excellent antivirus you can protect your mobile device on Android from viruses and malware! P

When using antivirus
"Doctor Web"
a great opportunity to protect your mobile device. This antivirus software is not
reducing the battery life, does not limit
the action of the operating system.

Thanks to the desktop widget, and is

access to it.

Incredible technology

program provides a unique opportunity for knowledge-based
previous threats
define a completely new malicious viruses by creating a specific record. It is the existence of such a function, and enables completely safe to use a mobile device, because such a record will ensure quick detection of viruses.

Antivirus Dr.Web Light has a very unique
Features and Benefits:
- H
Protecting, prompt removal of threats to the mobile device. So, in the real time is checked by all files is an attempt to save them in memory

- If the scanner can be to verify the user's request. There is the possibility of the virus scan in many ways, t

Kimi as: fast, full scan of the file system, checking of specific files or folders.

- If the mobile device detected viruses, they must be destroyed or possibly be placed in quarantine for you and displays the details of a threat.

- Excellent opportunity to protect the SD-card from the threat of files and avtozauska
Exploit.Cpllnk, which are dangerous for Windows.
- The small size of updates for the program, save your money.
- As much important is a great opportunity to see the stats on the program.
- For your convenience, are widgets for controlling Antivirus


Download Dr.Web Anti-virus Light apk Free 1.43 MB version 7.00.4

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