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ESET NOD32 Mobile Security - a good solution for protecting mobile devices across platforms Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. With this anti-virus your personal data will be protected, and your device will be protected from unwanted software, all possible viruses, adware and unwanted SMS calls.

Features ESET NOD32 Mobile Security:

Anti-virus protection at high speed
Checking smartphone is held in the background and does not affect the performance of the operating system

Protection against theft
In case your phone is stolen you will be able to locate the offender on GPS-coordinates, remotely lock your device and delete all contacts, photos, and personal information on it

Blocking SMS / MMS / calls
Block all annoying advertising SMS and MMS messages and unwanted calls, including from the subscribers with the "secret room"

Protection of children
C by setting rules of calls and SMS messages parents can monitor the child's communication and to protect it from unnecessary contact. Furthermore, according to the GPS can determine the location of a child, at any time

Key features include:

Behavioral analysis of threats
Warns of any suspicious application activity on your phone. Detection of newly emerging threats, as well as verification of all applications, files, folders and Memory Card occur in real time.

Multi-level data protection system, through which you can control and prevent fraudsters in case of theft or loss of the phone.

Reliable room
Contact, which in the case of loss of the smartphone will be sent a message that the device was installed in a foreign SIM-card. If necessary, use this function to restore the settings, password protection solutions ESET NOD32 Mobile Security.

Call Management
Blocking unwanted incoming and outgoing calls. This feature helps protect you from unwanted calls and avoid unexpected bills for extra services of mobile operators.

SMS / MMS Antispam
Blocking unwanted SMS and MMS-messages. The user can customize the "black" and "white" lists of contacts to fend for themselves or their loved ones from advertisements.

Block hidden numbers (CLIR)
The user can ignore the call phone numbers that are defined as "top secret room."

Erase protection
A new feature of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security - self-defense applications. An attacker can not easily remove the application without the knowledge of certain combinations specified by the user.

Built-in security audit

When the scan is a mobile phone user is provided with complete information about the state of the system, including information about running applications, battery, Bluetooth, free memory and connected devices.

New user-friendly interface
Quick access to all functionality and easy customization of the application according to the preferences of each user.

With the help of a special SMS-command to determine the location of the phone.

Security at the distance
If the phone is lost, you can remotely know the location of where the phone is using a special SMS-command block mobile device or remove absolutely all data from your phone, the user can register numbers only trusted SIM-cards. Then when you install someone else's SIM-card phone is locked, and the "safe room" will receive a message with new data, Unilicense

Important: According to the license agreement, the software can only be installed on a single mobile device.

Version: 1.1.995.1221 Platform: Android 2.0.1 + Download: google play
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