RAID HQ - action game for android platform from the developer Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd., which has already created four games for android. You will perform a variety of missions, managing a group of well-trained and armed mercenaries. They are alien to the sense of fear and they are ready at any cost to complete the task.

Dynamic gameplay takes place in two directions. The first - is the creation, construction and defense from enemy incursions own base, the second - Continuous Shooting, explosions, a large number of cartridges and other ammunition. The high degree of agility allows you to pass the levels without delay, allowing you to play in those places where there is no way to focus on the gameplay.

You need to collect a detachment of soldiers, each of whom has exceptional skills and qualities, and make the squad undefeated. Exploring the surrounding area, you can find useful resources and bonuses and defeat the enemy's bases will provide new recruits or existing pump. You have a wide choice of means of defense your base - towers, tanks, helicopters, robots and more, and the ability to develop it, turning it into a fortress.

The main properties of RAID HQ game:

- A very dynamic gameplay

- A large number of characters

- Good graphics

- Great sound

- The opportunity to become a member of the clan to confront other players

- The best results are recorded on the leaderboard table

Negative properties RAID HQ game:

- The presence of Donati

Summary: The game is particularly suited to fans of active gameplay and shooting, this is enough.

Download RAID HQ apk Free 39.88 MB version 2.202

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