War storm: Clash of heroes


War storm: Clash of heroes - a game for android platform, in which you are waiting for the battle with the crowds of dark forces. Empire collapsed and on its ruins you need to build a powerful state with a strong army. Before you - the study of gloomy locations, the performance of different tasks and missions, fighting with the demons. Opening the new heroes that can lead the army, you can lead your country to dominate the world and to defeat common enemies, you can join in alliances with the neighboring states. You have to get the necessary resources to increase the size of your army, join new territory.

The main properties of the game War storm: Clash of heroes:

- Gameplay locations in big world

- A large number of different characters: infantry, archers, wizards and other

- Various kinds of troops

- The opportunity to fight with other players


Download War storm: Clash of heroes apk Free 63.03 MB version 1.2.0

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