Masquerade: The faceless


Masquerade: The faceless - a game for android platform, which in a fantasy world offers endless battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Your superhero them in game three, has exceptional ability, a unique fighting style, he is very strong and armed with their own specific weapons. The skills and the opportunity to choose the hero you can use for the formation of destructive combos. You will have the opportunity to create their hero's unique combat suit, perfume extract stones and mysterious masks that can give the hero extraordinary force.

The main properties of Masquerade Games: The faceless:

- Support for multiple game modes

- Bright impressive effects

- Three superhero

- The opportunity to fight in the arena

- The opportunity to fight with other players

To play you need to provide access to the Internet.

Download Masquerade: The faceless apk Free 83.68 MB version 1.0.3

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