Evoland - an exclusive game for the android platform by French developer of Playdigious, made ​​in the genre of role-playing game (RPG), where you have to pump the game itself, namely to improve the graphics, sound and gameplay. As a result, pumping game goes from the classic 8-bit platformer in modern 3D technology. From the outset, the developers have implemented this project for PC gaming, but today there is a great version for android, which continue to improve, resulting in the standard management to perfection.

In the story, your character has to go a long way. Pushing his way, he carries the noble mission of helping the weak and disadvantaged. A close friend is always ready to support you, drawing his sword and fighting with you. Your friend will play the role of a doctor or nurse. In store for play money you can buy new armor, potions that are sure to come in handy.

The main properties of the game Evoland:

- An opportunity to improve the game

- The possibility of getting support from friends

- The acquisition of useful in the game store

The main disadvantages of the game Evoland:

- Paid game - the cost of a little more than a dollar in the period of discounts

Summary: used in game play approach that allows classics by eight-pixel graphics to go into a beautiful modern world, making the game unique and gives it an exceptional competitive advantage.



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