Lords Mobile


Lords Mobile - game for android platform from the developer IGG.COM, executed not in the same genre, and in a combination of two genres RTS and RPG. Developer mark on this game projects like Castle Clash, Clash of Lords, Clash of Mafias and others, but very difficult to compete with the game Clash of Clans, a shark in the market of computer entertainment.

Since the game has a mix of genres, you have to perform different tasks, namely, to fight with the enemy, managing to pump their heroes, build and develop the settlement, which for effective management will soon become a strong kingdom. But the enemy can be anyone who is not a member of your clan, and the clan if not created, then any player. To know more about their neighbors, engage in espionage, which is a great honor. enemy fighters can be taken into captivity and return for a ransom. The game offers total freedom in terms of building your kingdom.

Very beautiful design with high-quality graphics and animation makes the game very competitive.

The main properties of Lords Mobile Game:

- Game process in real time

- A huge map of the world and millions of players

- Battle with monsters for treasure mining

- The opportunity to develop an army

- The ability to pump structure

- The ability to conduct research

- The ability to create your own guild

Negative properties Lords Mobile Game:

- Monstrous Donat, especially on the energy that is consumed in the battles

Summary: A very exciting project, a little, though belated, so it will be quite difficult to take their rightful place.

Download Lords Mobile apk Free 99.52 MB version 1.9

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