Metal slug attack


Metal slug attack - a game for android platform, realized in the genre of Tower Defense, where you need not only to protect their possessions, but also to destroy the enemies base. Game METAL SLUG DEFENSE, the sequel to which it is gained great popularity in recent years, by the way, a series of METAL SLUG games appeared in 1996.

What brought a new game Metal slug attack? First, a few expanded tactical capabilities, by adding new units, secondly, added a separate mission, thirdly, the possibility to pump their units, fourthly, improved management.

Gameplay involves a battle of your troops, for which points are given. When a certain number of points you can order more troops in and out - the choice is yours. Winning the battle you will be able, when destroy the enemy base.

The main properties of the game Metal slug attack:

- A sequel to the game METAL SLUG DEFENSE

- Design in 2D graphics

Negative characteristics of the game Metal slug attack:

- Rigid monetization - spent real money to quickly pump and its base, and its army

- Very difficult mission to accomplish

Summary: The game can be called a good continuation, but a tough policy of monetization eliminates a good impression of it.


Download Metal slug attack apk Free 40.32 MB version 1.0.1

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