Path of War


Path of War - quite original online game for android platform from the developer NEXON M Inc., realized in the genre of economic strategy. Developer mark on such popular projects as DomiNations and Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights.

At not quite intelligible storyline rebels want to overthrow the power of a superior state. This state is the United States, so the rebels have a clear goal - is Washington. Since the game is online, then your base can attack other insurgents, who have no technical possibility to unite with you, but who also want to get to Washington, and so you rob. You too will become a dilemma: either to fight with game characters, or rob other players.

Gameplay includes the following elements: the defense of its base, the modernization of buildings, Mining, battles with other players or the computer, and the formation of the army is not part of your functions. How many and what kind of warrior you get is determined by the degree of development of the command center, so you need to produce and accumulate as many resources as possible to bleed the command center.

By the design of the game is difficult to find fault with it for at least a beautiful and high quality, I would even say it can be called one of the standards of the genre, which is difficult to surprise someone beauties on the screen. Anyway, in this part of the complaints.

The main properties of Path of War game:

- The ability to scale locations

- Quality design in the beautiful graphics

- The ability to pump base

- Command of the troops

- The ability to fight against the computer

- The opportunity to fight in PvP

Negative properties Path of War game:

- A large number of Donati, without which, in some cases it is difficult to manage

Summary: The project of a similar genre game Clash of clans seized the attention of millions of users around the world, we must admit that the game Path of War is unlikely to shift the attention of at least some of the users, especially since the vast Donat spoils the impression from the event.


Download Path of War apk Free 39.75 MB version 1.0.4399

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