Clash royale


Clash royale - game for android platform, in which you can challenge other players in the arena fighting. Your task - to assemble a collection of cards with the soldiers, spells, and other defensive structures and take part in battles with other rivals. You can use the card as you see fit, for example, fencing to build towers to block the path of the attacker. Your army consists of a brave soldier, well-aimed archers and mages. With their help, you need to destroy the enemy's castle and destroy his whole army.

The main properties of the game Clash royale:

- Nice design in a beautiful graph

- The ability to use powerful magic

- The variety of characters

- An opportunity to improve characters

- The opportunity to fight with other users

- The ability to fill up a collection of cards

To play you need to provide access to the Internet.


Download Clash royale apk Free 84 MB version 1.1.1

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