Celtic Tribes - X-Mas Edition


Celtic Tribes - X-Mas Edition - platform game for Android, which will introduce you to the celebration of Christmas among the Celts. Game Celtic Tribes X-Mas Edition - is a Christmas version of the strategy MMO Celtic Tribes.

In the story, the action in the game takes place during the time of the Celts, who traded, fought, fought. Your task is to expand its ownership of Celtic, turning a small village in the kingdom now.

To do this, you have to search and find the magic artifacts, mysterious Druids, to form their own strategy to carry out exciting missions, explore and apply new technology. You can form alliances, trade, wage wars. To protect their villages or to attack other areas can hire an army of wild warriors. You need to decide how to improve their own and turn the village into a flourishing city - whether to increase production and create your own powerful army, or use magic artifacts.

Consider the opportunities offered by the game Celtic Tribes X-Mas Edition. Catching buildings, we must remember that every building has individual characteristics and provides certain advantages. When you create your own empire should be guided by an effective strategy.

You have the option to either create your own tribe Celts, or join an existing tribe, creating a huge empire with other players. With other players, you can conduct diplomatic negotiations, concluding a non-aggression pacts with other tribes or entering into alliances to fight a common enemy.

For the formation of the army there is an opportunity to recruit slingers, soldiers with axes or spears. The army can fight against other leaders, grabbing their resources and territory for the expansion of its empire, or to perform the mission.

Your possessions are covered with snow, because the winter had the Celtic Tribes. If you're lucky, you can meet Cantu. The game is framed in the beautiful graphics, which is made taking into account the details and love.

Summary: a great game for all fans of strategy that will win you over Celtic atmosphere that sets it apart from other games of this genre.

Download Celtic Tribes - X-Mas Edition apk Free 27.81 MB version 4.8.1

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