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Braveland Pirate - the next game for the Android platform in a series of games from the developer Tortuga Team, made ​​in the genre of turn-based strategy. In it you will be traveling on his ship with a full team of between picturesque islands, which, incidentally, are drawn by artists hand.

What distinguishes this game from other turn-based strategy in the market of computer entertainment? On the one hand, the game is not impressive visually, it is nice, but done in the familiar graphics and animation are used fairly conventional effects, but, on the other hand, it an interesting classic gameplay, but without any new features in a modern frills, but which is very pleasant to fans of the old school. His lasting gameplay will keep you busy for more than seven hours.

Key features of the game Braveland Pirate:

- A fascinating journey between the islands

- The presence of a large map

- Random battles with the enemy

- The opportunity to seize the treasure and find historical artifacts

- The ability to apply different pirate tricks

- Three types of talent for pumping the main character

Negative characteristics of the game Braveland Pirate:

- For the game you need to pay almost two dollars

- The absence of a trial version

Summary: those who have already enjoyed the previous games about pirates will be excited about the sequel, but should be aware that this game is completing a series of games, and the new will.


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