Battleplans - game for android platform from a little-known developer C4M from Marseilles, made ​​in the strategy genre. The game is similar to other games of this genre, but has its own style.

The game is based on the story, according to which the characters, the former pirates fled on a large sea turtle that was their only chance of salvation. Turtle led them to a large island in the shape of a skull. That is explained by the location of our heroes. On the island live hostile tribes, which are kept in captivity are many skilled fighters. It was decided to set up camp on the island, to do its development and liberation heroes. To do this, you build a base, organize its defenses, expand your territory in different directions. The game has no defensive towers, but there are special patrols, which are set to protect a particular territory allocated to them.

For the formation of the army, you can use different kinds of troops, whose number will increase with the development of your database. Each branch has its own characteristics and rules of engagement, so choosing the tactics of fighting with the enemy, it is necessary to take into account those properties. Battles in the game fortunately not automatic and very exciting.

Key features of the game Battleplans:

- The ability to make tactical decisions

- No automatic battle

- The ability to replenish his squad after each collision with the enemy

- The opportunity to gain experience and improve their skills

- The ability to set out actions

- The opportunity to fight with other players

Negative characteristics of the game Battleplans:

- Unobtrusive Donat

Summary: The game is a great representative Battleplans strategy genre that you want to download, to enjoy the gameplay and give it its rightful place in the ranking.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Battleplans apk Free 33.51 MB version 503

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