Sybil: Castle of Death

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Sybil: Castle of Death - a game for the Android platform in the genre of Tower Defense Developer Jombihead Studio, where you have to play a negative role, the role of an evil genius. Ghosts, the inhabitants of the gloomy mansion, defending its home from people who by accident or intentionally disturb their peace.

The game was pretty exciting, and the main task, which is in front of you - to frighten and kill intruders. To do this, fill the house with traps, various amulets and some creatures that will attack. All that money can buy, some stock that you have in the early rounds and arrange around the house using a lot of variants. Guests bumping into all these obstacles, scared and try to fight back, losing their lives, that is your goal.

Key features of the game Sybil: Castle of Death:

- The gameplay is organized on two dozen levels

- Five varieties of magic

- 33 types of enemies and 6 monsters

- Ten kinds of traps

- Pack contains a lot of new

- Free demo version, consisting of two levels, five traps guarding the house of one monster

Negative characteristics of the game Sybil: Castle of Death:

- The game fee - it costs $ 2.5

- Relatively slow gameplay that sometimes brings boredom

- Takes a long time to communicate with each other those who came to the house

Summary: If you are not afraid to get bored because of the slowness of certain gaming experience, try the full version, because it is certainly much more interesting demos.


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