Warhammer Quest

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Warhammer Quest - a game for the Android platform in the genre of classic turn-based role-playing debut Developer Chilled Mouse for android.

The game is based on the popular board game, which has appeared no less, and 20 years ago, and still has a circle of fans who want to go down to the dungeon to become famous and rich. Step gameplay games for mobile devices deprives its dynamism, but at the same time makes it close to the original board game.

The essence of the game is that, having met in a dungeon, four characters begin their thorny path to fame by fighting and defeating enemies, collecting trophies and gold. Each of the four characters is different - it is well-aimed archer, strong knight, magician wise and mysterious Berserker.

It should be noted in the design of the game is excellent quality and beautiful graphics that are so detailed and thought out, which is very realistic representation of the world that you can draw only in his own imagination.

Key features of the game Warhammer Quest:

- A turn-based role-playing game

--Designed beautiful graphics

- Four types of characters

- Proximity to the original

Negative characteristics of the game Warhammer Quest:

- Paid game - almost $ 5

- The presence of Donati

- Lack of dynamics

Summary: The game is good, but its consumers are fairly narrow target segment would not be able to give it a high level of popularity.


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