Royal Empire: Realm of War


Royal Empire: Realm of War - game - strategy for the android platform from the developer tap4fun, where you can continue your favorite activity and build your kingdom. The developer is known to you at the games Sparta Wars - The Empire of Honor, which has more than 10 million downloads, King's Empire to the amount of over 5 million downloads and other successful gaming products.

As in any good strategy, there are a lot of locks that need to build and develop, and many battles to protect his and the conquest of foreign lands. Big lock performs only a small part of the functions, all the main events take place in the village next to the castle, where the resources are extracted, research, and formed an army. By the way, it provides a convenient opportunity to share resources with other players in the market.

The developers have made a bit of magic to the gameplay. Magic vigilance weakens the king, and in the meantime his land invaded by an army of dark creatures. Earl served the king should observe the distant frontiers of the kingdom, and he is your character for whom you play.

Immediately start the battle with the enemy is not necessary, you must first carry out an active and extensive construction. And it should be noted that the battles with the developer a little "nakosyachil" because all the battles automatic.

Key features of the game Royal Empire: Realm of War:

- All players will be fighting on the same server

- The developers promise legendary battle (also, apparently, automatic)

- Sixteen different types of troops

- Beautiful graphics and locations

- Four large pieces of card with different landscapes

- On the servers try to maintain a balance, the players settled with the same level next

Negative characteristics of the game Royal Empire: Realm of War:

- The presence of Donati

- Automatic battle

Summary: If you like strategy and not get tired of hard building his kingdom-state, this game is for you, despite the flaws, and those who are not interested in the strategies, the game seems likely, boring and monotonous.


Download Royal Empire: Realm of War apk Free 49.6 MB version 1.2.9

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