Last Hope - Heroes Zombie TD


Last Hope - Heroes Zombie TD - game from developer JE Software AB for the Android platform in the genre of Tower Defense, whose representatives in the world of computer gaming industry is quite a lot, but this game has a certain distinctive features that give it a competitive advantage. These properties include cool graphics with great attention to detail and an open world.

The plot is quite familiar - the apocalypse, followed by a crowd of zombies and survived very few, and those few have to fight for its existence. You have to build towers, placing them in the most convenient locations where they will be able to cover the maximum distance. It is possible to pump the tower. As a result, the apocalypse has stopped development of mankind and even gone into the past, bringing a weapon was quite primitive, but you have the opportunity to conduct research and to increase the power of weapons. In addition, you can use magic, if you create totems.

Destroy multiple enemies zombies are strong characters, which in game three, and each has its own individual characteristics and skills. The game is quite complicated, so the passage of the levels will have to spend a lot of time.

Key features of the game Last Hope - Heroes Zombie TD:

- Around a 3D world

- Three unique characters to choose from - barbarian scout Princess

- Excellent graphics

- Great attention to detail

- A large number of different zombies

- Improving for each tower

- The opportunity to fight with the bosses

- Download free

Negative properties Last Hope - Heroes Zombie TD:

- Easy and quick passage of levels

- The presence of Donati

- Unable to withstand the ratio "or given game / game without Donata"

- The absence of the network mode

- The lack of translation into other languages

Summary: the game a high quality product that is sure to impress fans of the genre.


Download Last Hope - Heroes Zombie TD apk Free 41.84 MB version 1.0

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