Age of Civilizations Asia Lite

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Age of Civilizations Asia Lite - a game made ​​in the genre of turn-based strategy for the android platform, which invites you to show your skills strategist and master all the game world.

The game consists of rounds. Before the start of each round, you must give orders, the number of which is limited by the number of points, and the beginning of civilization round proceed to the execution of orders by selecting them randomly. Orders are divided into two categories - ordinary and diplomatic. To the usual are the following:

- The movement of troops from one area to another;

- Construction in the selected area of ​​buildings required;

- The organization of a set of recruits to the army, given that their number is limited to the field of population;

- The creation of a dependent state with another civilization;

- States' adherence to your civilization under your jurisdiction;

- A reduction in military spending by dissolving items in the selected area.

By diplomatic orders include:

- A declaration of war to other civilizations

- The offer of a peace agreement a different civilization, after the adoption of a state of war is terminated;

- Offer a different civilization non-aggression pact in the event of signing which will not attack for 5 rounds, with a declaration of war does not negate the effect of the contract;

- Financial assistance of another civilization;

- A proposal to organize a union of another civilization, in the event of which you may provide military assistance to members of the Union

- Withdrawal from the Union.

You can choose the scenario of the game:

- The First World War and the full script of the First World War

- World War II and the complete scenario of the Second World War

- The contemporary world and the full script of the modern world,

and custom scripts.

You have the ability to build various buildings, such as watchtowers, which allow you to see the number of troops in the neighboring areas of the fort, which serves to protect the area and the port, which provides your army out to sea. It should be noted that the troops sent from the port can be planted in any field, even where there is no port.

You will have the card and penalty. The map can be zoomed. If the scale is different from the usual, you will see the sign "!" In the upper right corner to return to the standard scale kliknike twice on the screen. Color civilization defines the area of ​​affiliation, neutral field - transparent. A key area is the capital of the civilization in which all the buildings already erected. Your civilization will cease to exist if the enemy take possession of your capital on the three turns, if you grab someone else's capital, you get all the areas which it owns. Of course, the capital has the advantage in defense and attack.

To view the amount of population, economic development, use the "People" and "Economy", respectively, and to view the data on the owner of civilization and of the diplomatic moves - the "diplomacy".

Treasury your civilization form the taxes that are calculated on the basis of the number of people civilization and its economic development. Take the money from the treasury can be for the army on the basis of the number of military units and ground troops consume less funding than the sea.

For registration of the hostilities, there are three types of fog: full, standard mode and when the fog off.

The game provides a training program. Also in the game you can choose from many available languages, including Russian, English, German, French and many others.


Age of Civilizations Asia Lite
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