Monkey Bay


Monkey Bay - a game about pirates, treasure, pillage, ships for the Android platform from the developer U pjers GmbH, representing a mix Plunder Pirates and Clash of Clans, in which there are particular genre.

Game Developer Monkey Bay previously specialized only clickers that are not acquired great popularity among users of the gaming products. This game was very good and could win the favor of a large number of users if they download it and try it.

Start the game will be quite troublesome for you, because you have to perform many different tasks such as extraction of resources to build their pirate base, arms buildup by pumping teams, production and preservation of treasures. It is necessary to build and efficiently accommodate a large number of fortifications.

Most of the gold mined in the mines of the pirates of their island, so do not count on a large number of voyages and adventures. To action pirates resorted to only when they want to rob the neighboring islands. We must admit that it is quite profitable occupation, because if he wins all that is captured on the islands proceeds at your disposal. However, after each raid need to type the command again. Form teams using different properties and the ability of pirates and before each swipe attack reconnaissance.

Key features of the game Monkey Bay:

- Cheerful gameplay

- The ability to build your own pirate island

- Beautiful graphics

- An interesting animation

- A large number of buildings and structures

- Organization of the defense of the island

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Monkey Bay:

- The presence of Donati

- The game is not translated into other languages ​​and is available only in English

- Little sea travel

Summary: The game is good, as an alternative to other games about pirates, but sorry, it is not enough nautical theme.

Download Monkey Bay apk Free 36.77 MB version 1.0.5

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