World of conquerors


World of conquerors - game for android platform offers to become a successful manager, to restore the fallen empire, for which you need to create your own kingdom-state. You can start with a small village, and then expand the territory and zastraivaya its different facilities, has become a powerful state. Choosing the building, do not forget that each of them performs certain functions, the proper application of which makes your state more powerful. To expand the boundaries of the state and protection from the monsters, you need to form an army, using different characters. The game provides an opportunity to fight with other participants, as well as to form alliances to defeat other players.

Key features of the game World of conquerors:

· High-quality design in an excellent chart

· Large number of characters, which can be improved

· The ability to compete with other players

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb / and to provide access to the Internet.


Download World of conquerors apk Free 48.51 MB version

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