DomiNations - game for the Android platform in the genre of epic battle strategy offers to demonstrate their abilities and by selecting one of the world's civilizations, to ensure its development from the primitive society of the Stone Age to the era of space exploration.

You have to build a tremendous capital, form a powerful army capable of strong opponents to win and become a powerful ruler.

You can choose Britain, Rome, China, Germany, France, Japan and Greece and had the opportunity, unique to one and not another civilization. Each civilization has offered its armed forces.

The transition from one historical period to another, you can open technologies that are specific for a given period, such as, for example, horse riding, powder or flight. You can attract the great generals and prominent political figures such as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon, build wonders of the world to gain fame and glory.

The game was developed by Brian Reynolds, the legendary guru of game design, which owns projects such as Civilization II, Rise of Nations.

Key features of the game DomiNations:

• Select one of the civilizations

• transition from one historical era to another

• the acquisition of fame and greatness

• the ability to conquer the world in a series of single player campaign

• the ability to create alliances and destroy enemies


Download DomiNations apk Free 19.62 MB version 1.3.61

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