Plunder Pirates


Plunder Pirates - amazing strategy for Android in real time from Midoki, veterans in the market of computer games and the creators of nicely-known game Angry Birds.

You have to build a pirate island military base equipped with guns, and form a team of fearless pirates, backed by constant pirate rum, ready to defend your island as well as to engage in battle against other captains and players to select their prey, and to seize their zolotishko . You are waiting for PvP-battles with other players in the vast expanse of sea.

Cases are always more successful if you have a team of like-minded people. As they say, "do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred rubles." Here and in this case would be much better if you join an existing or build up your guild. In the chat you will be able together to develop a plan of attack. You will be able to participate battles guilds and face off with the captains from around the world.

The main properties of the game Plunder Pirates:

· The ability to create three-dimensional pirate island and twist it 360 degrees

· The opportunity to form a detachment of 10 sophisticated pirates

· The ability to travel on the seas in his ship

· The opportunity to engage in battle with other pirates captain to conquer new islands and select their trophies

· The opportunity to form a guild with friends pirates

the game is free, but with built-in shopping


Download Plunder Pirates apk Free 43.16 MB version 1.7.1

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