Battle of heroes: Land of immortals


Battle of heroes: Land of immortals - game for android platform invites you to the magical and mysterious world Evagara where joined together science and sorcery, brave heroes and villains treacherous. The game supports the Russian language, which greatly facilitates the gameplay.

To play you need to choose your main character from four. It will be a beautiful woman, or a visionary clairvoyant magician, or agile elf or a hero, in any case, your character in endless battles and bloody battles to prove that he is worthy of a royal crown and power over Evagarom. To do this, build your stronghold and begin the struggle for power. You will need a strong team, invite, train and guiding units.

The main characteristics of the game Battle of heroes: Land of immortals:

- Super graphics

- 5 types of combat units

- To fight with other players

- Develop their characters

To play must also download and provide access to the Internet.


Download Battle of heroes: Land of immortals apk Free 12.88 MB version 1.49.5

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