Northern Tale 3 - Legends of the North 3


Northern Tale 3 - Legends of the North 3 - northern cold world of the Vikings for the android platform. You have to learn this world to prevent war, to perform the task set before you every level. The game is fairly quiet, without any action or hurry, everything is measured and thoughtful, as it should be in the world of the northern people.

The first two parts of the game Tales of the North for some reason not gained popularity, as evidenced by the 100,000 downloads of the first issue and only 10,000 - the second. Despite the relatively low levels of popularity, developers still continue to support this project.

It should be noted that the Viking world, in which the action takes place in this game is very interesting, well drawn and the graphics are more perfect than in previous releases. The game has excellent management and navigation.

Gameplay third issue does not differ from its predecessors - you expect a large number of levels, for the passage of which is necessary to perform assigned tasks. As you progress through the levels will increase the number of workers who are working on the implementation of different types of work. To protect their lands and reflect enemy attacks you need warriors, and for them - a special construction. On the gameplay is not difficult to understand.

The main properties of the game Tales of the North 3:

· The ability to prevent war

· 50 levels with a lot of interesting jobs

· Design with excellent graphics

· Large number of picturesque land

· The opportunity to make new friends

· For the download and the game can not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Tales of the North 3:

· Game format distributed Freemium, which simply assumes Donati, without which in fact can do

· Some non technical flaws that developers undertake to rectify

Bottom line: the game evokes positive emotions, she is beautiful and quite fascinating. It is difficult to explain the low level of popularity, but nevertheless, in spite of all the virtues, without fundamental changes or aggressive advertising will not grow in popularity.

To play you need to download a large amount of cache (400 MB), address: sd / android / obb



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