Epic War TD 2

Game Strategies tower defense


Epic War TD 2 - the game for the android platform, made ​​in the genre Tower Defense (TD). Extremely modern game with beautiful graphics, for which, by the way, the developers want the money, calling you to new challenges on a fairly difficult level.

The plot of the game is not, so take the events and facts as they are, namely, the world around us for some unknown reason, destroyed, and for the same reasons there is some enemy who will attack you.

More significant for the games in the genre TD is a gameplay than the story, so it deserves attention. Almost classic gameplay involves the installation of towers in different places provided by the developer. You have quite a big selection of towers and places where to install them. It is possible to improve the tower. Besides a large number of towers, you will have many enemies, whose number with each new wave will grow.

With great difficulty you encounter the very first ten levels of the game because the game has a high degree of complexity.

There are no claims to the skin, which may envy game developers not only in the genre of TD. Making different thought out and well executed models of towers and enemies, beautiful detail. It should be noted that such details, rubble, debris scattered on the level, and even garbage cause some interest.

The main properties of the game Epic War TD 2:

· Gameplay is designed for more than one hundred and fifty hours and includes interesting missions

· Gorgeous graphics

· 9 types of towers, 2 types are equipped with super-weapons

· The opportunity to improve the tower

· More than 40 types of enemies

· Menu, clear and user-friendly

Negative characteristics of the game Epic War TD 2:

· A game you need to pay almost $ 3

· Such a high level of complexity that can be attributed to shortcomings

Summary: if you pay so much for something worthwhile, but the game Epic War TD 2 is just the game product that costs money requested. Do not forget that the game is difficult. If you are not afraid to face the obvious difficulties and are willing to pay three dollars, forward, this game is for you.


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