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World War Toy - Strategy for android platform, where you have to lead the battle in the world of toys on the battlefield, resembling a chessboard. A similar game "soldiers", which has a few issues already gained almost a million users, while World War Toy nearly half a million subscribers, and most likely is not the limit, because of serious competitors in the market are scarce.

Game World War Toy brings you back to your childhood and makes you remember those years when you dream and staged battles, playing soldiers. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of battles, but without their own inventions, because the developers have already done.

If you have already played in the strategy, for you will not be difficult to master, this is quite easy to understand gameplay. You need to build a base, to form and constantly improve the army to take part in the battles. During the battle, you can use bonuses and gain you earn during gameplay (not enough of them) or gain of Donat (there are many more). If you are victorious, get resources.

Model soldiers definitely produce a positive impression. They are very similar to those of plastic soldiers from childhood. Military equipment looks also very good, although a little inferior to the soldiers, probably because it looks a little virtual.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game World War Toy:

· Well-built combat system with lots of explosions

· Objectives are the same as in other strategies - to investigate and analyze the structure and upgrade equipment

· Very good graphics

· The ability to create alliances and play with your friends

Negative characteristics of the game World War Toy:

· Present Donat

· There is no translation, the game supports English only

· Lack of originality, the game is very similar to its interface with Plants vs Zombies

Summary: in your childhood, for sure, have not been smart, and you have a real toys. The game allows you to go back to those memorable times. Overall, this game product leaves a positive impression.


Download World War Toy apk Free 26.54 MB version 1.0.1

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