Might and magic: Heroes 3-HD edition - Heroes of Might and Magic III HD

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Might and magic: Heroes 3 - HD edition - Heroes of Might and Magic III HD - yes, these are the legendary hero 3 game a whole generation of users, but reprinted in HD platforms Android and iOS. This series of games, which consisted of 5 issues for the computer, captured audience of millions of fans, it even now many are playing. The fourth edition appeared raw, the fifth was better, but was somehow party, but the most successful was the third issue, so developers from Ubisoft worked just on this issue, in order to create HD product for android and iOS. Since January 2015 Heroes of Might and Magic ® ® III HD conquer the world market of computer games.

Immediately it should be noted that the game is not perfect, a reissue hit only the first part of the third hero, namely Restoration of Erathia, and heroes, artifacts, and other content from the other two parts is not here. It is hoped that the re-release of the first part - it is only the beginning, followed by a sequel. In the game for android has new flaws, which are not going to focus just note that there are problems with the management, to get used to, with the text on a device with a screen of 7 inches and smaller, there is no generator card, and that is very upsetting , the game crashes periodically.

Developer Ubisoft have a fairly rigid pricing policy, which is reflected in the value of the game. The game will cost you nearly $ 10, which in itself is very expensive, and if you take into account the current rate, it becomes almost unacceptable.

Resume. If you really unbearable, and you want to get the game right now, you should understand that you will get no more, no less, and just good old Heroes 3: Restoration of Erathia, if you can and are willing to wait and have not bought the game, it is hoped, that developers will not throw this promising project and will bring it to mind.


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