Defenders of Suntoria


Defenders of Suntoria - the market of computer games was enriched by yet another great game in the genre Tower Defense (TD) on Android. If you're a fan of the genre, do not hesitate to download it and have fun because the game Defenders of Suntoria created precisely for that developers of Melesta Games, which are the creators of the game Toy Monsters and "soldiers."

What makes the game special and sets it apart from the "brothers" in the genre? Here the tower, without which no cost, no game genre, replaced by a special trap, which perform the same function. Traps can be pumped. Constitute an important part of defense actors, which also can be pumped in any full RPG, as well as produce their new weapons and items. These properties give the game new benefits and make it more attractive to consumers. Given that the TD genre has long occupied a niche in the market and is familiar to many, not only for Android, but also on other platforms and browser-flash-games, developers had to work hard to give the game a distinctive properties. It must be admitted, they have been very successful on the market and vypusli beautiful original product.

The game has a story, a simple, but still there. And in accordance with the plot events take place in the fictional country of Santoro. Any citizen will be to defend their country, if she is in danger. You will protect the beautiful and peaceful Santoro from the invasion of goblins.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Defenders of Suntoria:

· Each of the three modes of play has twenty locations all turns 60

· Opportunity to select one of the 4 heroes

· Think, do not relax - Set your cunning traps

· Excellent sound and music

· Free demo version

Negative characteristics of the game Defenders of Suntoria:

· Full version costs $ 2, free of charge, you can use only a stripped-down version

· There is no scaling

· Game ends pretty quickly

Summary: The successful project for users and developers. Unfortunately, the game is non-durable in time ends quickly, and do not want to.

For the game required CACHE, at: sd / android / obb


Download Defenders of Suntoria apk Free 11.88 MB version 1.1.0

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