Clones Crusade


Clones Crusade - a good strategy on Android, in the genre of action step, which made ​​this game pretty popular to date among fans of the genre who can appreciate the step of the game, which, unfortunately, are not universally popular.

Clones Crusade - a turn-based game in which you'll find elements of the strategy and tactics of the elements, and of course action, because, as the name of the game, you have to fight with the clones, which are at your disposal a team of fighters.

In the story of the game you have to save humanity with the help of your team, killing as many as possible clones. As an alternative to the existing reality, governments and even religious organizations allowed cloning, resulting in experiments with animals switched to people. For some inexplicable reason, clones of people get aggressive and united in a corporation, started a war against humanity. You and your team have to stop this madness.

Addictive gameplay is designed so that each level is a separate section of the urban area, sometimes with green spaces, each element of which can serve as a refuge for members of your team. To make a decision - to move or shoot, it should be remembered that for every move fighter has a certain reserve of energy. Just a few minutes to understand the gameplay. The game is framed using a very attractive graphics, developed interesting and exciting locations.

The opportunity to play on-line gaming products gives great advantages, causing particular interest among users. Clones Crusade game supports online mode, providing an opportunity to get carried away by a single or a battle against real opponents.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Clones Crusade:

• beautiful design, beautiful graphics, interesting locations

• fun and easy to understand gameplay

• existence of the plot

• Support for online mode

Negative characteristics of the game Clones Crusade:

• Donat to play online mode, which causes some difficulties with the composition and level of pumping team. Your opponent may have a great opportunity to take advantage of Donato, and then you will act against the more numerous and more pumped enemy, and your defeat is inevitable.

Summary: the market of computer games a little turn-based games with strategy and tactics, and even less good. This game is undoubtedly good, and a good game is not able to spoil even Donat.

For the game needed CACHE address: sd / android / obb

Download Clones Crusade apk Free 15.8 MB version 1.0.0119

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