Total Domination - Reborn


Total Domination - Reborn - online strategy for Android, which has many advantages. This and the presence of simple plot, and good graphics and addictive gameplay, and an opportunity to feel the spirit of competition, playing with real actors.

Your task - to prove themselves competent economist, a good military strategist and restore the destroyed civilization - to form and develop the industry and the army. At your disposal will be a group of people who need to organize and direct the achievement of your goals.

The gameplay is very thoughtful and exciting, contains a lot of subtleties, which we need to seriously think about. Situation that developed after the apocalypse, will not leave you indifferent, at least, it happened already with millions of users.

Since the game belongs to the online strategy, it is clear that without an internet connection will not be able to play. The game has Donat, for which you can get the gain that will make you stronger, and various bonuses that allow you to feel superior. It is possible to set a password for online shopping that restrict children's access.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Total Domination - Reborn:

· The ability to create your base and defend it against enemy attacks

· Atmosphere of the game, which works to attract an increasing number of users

· Excellent graphics and thought-out interface

· Various modern technologies that you can learn and use

· Large number of types of troops - up to forty

· Participation in mass campaigns

· Developers provide regular updates

· Download and you can play for free

Negative characteristics of the game Total Domination - Reborn:

· In each online game has Donat and here without him has not been

· Install the update, you can play only when connected to wi-fi

· There is no possibility to transfer an account from other platforms

Summary: in short, it is a very decent online strategy, executed at a high level of quality.


Download Total Domination - Reborn apk Free 47.64 MB version 3.8.9

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