My Lands


My Lands - The game can be attributed to the classic strategy on Android. Why to classical, because the game for the android came out recently, in October. Because the project My Lands existed since mid-2010, and in 2011 the game was even awarded. So My Lands - it can be said, a veteran in the market of computer entertainment.

According to the story you come to grips with the forces of darkness, and the success of your struggle depends on the choice of your development strategy of the world that could be harmed by evil attack. You can use any tactic to achieve the goal - for example, increased economic development or use of brute force to deal with competitors, or some other policy - the choice is yours.

In the development of your world you need to solve a variety of complex and not very task and confront a huge number of competitors. The process of development includes the construction of the city, economic growth, the formation of the army, land grabbing and further develop and increase power.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game My Lands:

· Choice of four races

· Construction of the city and its management

Capture new territories

· Treasure Hunt

· The creation of new or participation in existing alliances

· Large number of players fill the fascinating world of fantasy

· Unique artifacts will give you the strength to strength

· Take into account the wishes of the developers and perform work on the bugs

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game My Lands:

· There are devices that are optimized for causes some problems. Device with a screen resolution of 960 × 600 or higher have no problems with optimization

· There Donat

Summary: massive fans of strategies and online battles game will especially enjoy, and if you take advantage of Donat and spend a little money, you can get real pleasure from the game.


Download My Lands apk Free 47.98 MB version 1.8.5

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