Agent Awesome


Agent Awesome - great spy strategy on Android. Games in the genre of stealth in the market of computer entertainment are too much. Agent Awesome - one of them and, admittedly, quite successful, which clearly shows the development of spy genre.

In the story of the game, your secret agent (say, James Bond!) Struggles with the eternal evil in the form of a certain corporation, which is housed in a large building and occupies 12 floors. Your agent need to perform certain tasks (mission), which at first glance seem to be impracticable. But do not despair, to overcome the levels and get to the end to help spy skills. Levels - a floor of a building in which to place the evil, and each of them brings to your hero interesting and challenging enough. Corporation specially trained security guards, to be quiet or bypass or noisy shoot (all depends on the style of game that you choose) to enter the building.

For lovers of reading in the game contains a large number of dialogues (though in English), for those who do not like to read, it is possible to simply turn off the dialogue. Good developers notion of Chundos Studio!

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Agent Awesome:

You get a true pleasure, overcoming each of the 12 stages

· Provide a dynamic game shooting, explosions, assassinations and more

· Excellent gameplay

· The opportunity to choose styles of play - or sneak quietly or go ahead and attack enemies noisy

· An arsenal of weapons at your disposal

· The game is made with a sense of humor, which, together with the action game will not let you get bored

Negative characteristics of the game Agent Awesome:

· Donat, but without it

· Dialogues are not translated into other languages

Summary: great made ​​game with beautiful graphics, humor and other positive without interest to fans of the genre characteristics. More such games!

Cache for the game is in the directory: sd / android / obb


Download Agent Awesome apk Free 11.23 MB version 1.1.4

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