Etherlords - new hit from Nival on Android, a veteran of the industry of computer entertainment, inspired by a series of classic games "Demiurge". Again will battle hundreds of mighty warriors, heroes Vitale, and a randomly throw. Unusual mobile strategy gameplay with exciting fights with other participants.

You need cformirovat and strengthen your army, create new worlds and to restore damaged land. For winning rewards await you.

Gripping story with sudden twists game when you meet the most distant corners of the universe go dark forces.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Etherlords:

• unimaginable stunning 3D graphics

• interesting and unusual gameplay

• the basis of the storyline fascinating epic story

• abundance of gaming opportunities - 200 missions are millions of ways to win

• at your disposal 180 different creatures, monsters and dragons

• ability to conduct rapid PvP battles in the off-line, on the move, transport, wherever there is a wish to fight

• the ability to create new soldiers to replace the old - the original organization leveling

• the absence of any limitation, including temporary

• you do not have to wait - the game has no loading screens

• a completely free game. Even some of the items that offer to buy for real money, simply can not spoil a positive impression of the game, the more you can do without them to play fully.

The game is easy to find on Facebook at: You can chat and add other members as a friend, join a game your profile to Facebook, and invite their friends to the game, to get extra points and use them to further develop and improve.



Download Etherlords apk Free 11.7 MB version

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