Under Fire: Invasion


Under Fire: Invasion - finally, and waited for the Android platform sci-fi strategy, one of the most popular social networks.

Storyline. Armageddon is coming, and our galaxy is in danger. For the destruction of the earth came to us a terrible spaceship and organize your outpost. The ship is armed with the latest military technology and nuclear desperate bandits ready to conduct lightning war and fight to the last drop of blood. Everywhere riots, shooting and explosions.

Gameplay. Your task - to repel the thugs, union organizing powerful armies, able to lead an intergalactic war. To achieve the goal you need to gently and tactfully to hold talks with the head of a powerful crime syndicate and lure him on your side, making an ally. It should help you in achieving your goals and execute strategic and tactical decisions. If you fail to agree, and alliance Boudin created at your disposal squad of fighters arrive with bazookas and Legion archers, with which you will be able to defeat the enemy. If someone survives this war, you need to see to it that it was just your supporters.

Your strategic decisions will lead to either defeat or victory!

The basic properties of the game «Under Fire: Invasion»:

• The game was created in the genre of RPG on space wars, which was based on a science fiction story about the struggle for the preservation of civilization

• exceptional symbiosis of ongoing activities and strategic decisions

• gameplay is extraordinary interest

• the opportunity to develop defenses base

• a lot of options and equipment for soldiers and other actors

• application for mobile phones and tablets based on Android operating system is available in Facebook


Download Under Fire: Invasion apk Free 32.29 MB version 1.1.21

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