Farm Story 2


Farm Story 2 - a good social game for Android from the world leader studio company Storm8. The market has already received the first part of the farming strategy now meet continued. Things to Do on a three-dimensional farm? To plant and harvest different crops selskohozyaytvennyh, breed and feed funny pets and find surprises, of course, pleasant.

Collected from their own crops can cook different treats for friends with whom you can play online, free of charge! To do this, you must make sure that your device is connected to the Internet.

The game supports multiple languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, - but does not yet support the Russian language.

What is the essence of the game. Once in a beautiful urban world is not that you can make friendly conversation (if you own one of the above languages) with positive actors, fishing in the lake fish, catch butterflies. This possibility Opens a simple touch of the screen.

The game provides an opportunity to dream on a culinary theme and implement them using their own vegetables and fruit crops and other necessary ingredients. For cooking at your disposal equipped kitchen and home appliances (eg, deep fryer or Chocolate). Part of the harvest can be sold (friends and neighbors) if fruits and vegetables freaks to fame.

You can breed animals, creating a whole collection of them, decorate and improve the farm, using a large number of accessories and decorative elements. Jed Fellows, a farmer with experience, will always help helpful tips and instructive history can tell.

Everything that had to face on the farm, all the adventures can be automatically stored in a beautiful album.

History Farm 2 game as a whole is free, it is very positive that characterizes, but the game has a feature that allows you to make purchases for real, not virtual money. This feature if desired or necessary, you can disable, for which you need to open the Google Play Store, press the menu button and select Settings (Settings). Then choose a password (Use Password for purchase) and ask him. To confirm the settings, follow the instructions on the screen. You open the company Storm8 access to your personal information, if you are connecting to social networks such as, for example, Facebook, to play Farm Story 2.


Download Farm Story 2 apk Free 47.22 MB version

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