Dragon Revenge


Dragon Revenge - a good game on Android. Why developers are so fond of doing scrolling shooters? Namely, in this genre include game Dragon Revenge, formed in the horizontal plane.

What is the storyline of the game? Long ago dragons were free and independent, yet evil monsters did not make them slaves and forced to work for their own benefit. The leader of the dragons rose in revolt (just like Spartacus!) Against monsters oppressors. In the course of the game your task is to destroy monsters and proud to release the dragons.

In accordance with the gameplay you have to manage only the maneuvers of the dragon, so as not to bump into a monster, and flies and shoots it automatically, as expected scrolling shooter. In exceptional cases, you can use magic to destroy the monsters. Be careful, the monsters are shot and can get to the dragon. Since Dragon being powerful, it can withstand a certain amount of wounds, but then ... To assist you in the fight with the monsters, you can find yourself a pet.

Game framed without fanaticism - picture is beautiful, but detail is virtually absent, although the graphics scrolling shooters do not feature a modern and high quality.

Key Features and advantages of the game Dragon Revenge:

· Because of its simplicity the game is available for children

· Picture of a beautiful

· Need to use eight different skills

· There are three variants of magic to kill monsters

· There are three dragons leader

Negative qualities of the game Dragon Revenge:

· Donat will allow you to buy 2 characters and pets

· Something similar and insipid!

Summary: This game will be interesting to children, and if so, the adults it is unlikely to satisfy in full.


Download Dragon Revenge apk Free 47.73 MB version 1.1.1

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