Battle for the galaxy - Battle for the Galaxy


The battle for the galaxy - a good military strategy for Android. Game from is not very hyped developer strategy genre - not as popular as the good games in this genre Clash of Clans or the Battle of locks with aggressive advertising support, but the game deserves an objective assessment.

What happens when the hits of video games come into circulation? Yes, of course, in their place come the other new games that are gaining popularity among users and their niche in the market. So that when creating the game developers focused on existing hits can be rather attributed to the merits, rather than the disadvantages.

The game used a very good schedule that meets modern requirements perfectly legible parts and used impressive effects. The present level of development of computer games, often densely leads to problems with devices, such as the appearance of lags and other troubles.

What is the essence of the game? You can build a military base and organize its defense, using the army, you also build up, and mined resources, and more - your choice: either you passively wait for the attack, which will then reflect themselves or go on the offensive.

Advantages of the game Battle for the Galaxy:

· Graphics, producing a pleasing aesthetic experience

· Impressive effects

· Fine detail

· Lucidly game in on-line mode

· A lot of users worldwide

· Lots (20) types of structures

· A large number of combat arms

· The possibility of an independent game, which prompted the implementation of 50 missions

· You can even record the battle, then to show it to other participants

· For the game does not have to pay

Disadvantages Game Battle for the Galaxy:

· As an online game, there Donati high enough prices

· Places demands on the platform android

· A general lack of novelty

Summary: a good level of strategy, and the similarity with existing hits does not detract from its dignity.


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