Horde Defense


Horde Defense - good strategy for Android. You played TD games? Within the meaning of Horde Defense is not much different from other games in this genre: build fortifications, towers are improving constructively, to be able to defend their territory from attacking numerous dark forces.

It does not offer modern types of weapons, such as tanks or lasers, as the action takes place in the Middle Ages, so the enemy will be armed with machetes, and at first you can shoot arrows from the towers.

The game can be installed on a not very powerful devices, since the graphics are not superfashionable, although not bad, and detail - no complaints. Since the model of your defenders and enemy models and animations are simple enough, one might get the impression that the game is more suitable for children, but the impression is deceptive. In general, the game is perceived positively, despite its shortcomings.

Positive features of the game Horde Defense:

· A fairly large number of designs of towers (24 species)

· There are 4 auxiliary element

· 8 locations

· At the end you expect tough bosses (they too 8)

· Have the opportunity to complicate the game (would be interesting, but very difficult)

· You can play missions, their twenty-

· Verification of endurance, thanks to continuous play

· 27 types of enemy

· You can achieve positive results for more than thirty

· About a hundred levels

· For the game does not have to pay!

The negative features of the game Horde Defense:

· Graphics and Animation imperfect, leave much to be desired

· Many similarities with the game kingdom rush - it's bad

· Only if you have coins for playing other games developer, you can get a voice on Google Play

Summary: fair is free (that is its biggest advantage!) Game that is hard to compete with peers in this genre.


Download Horde Defense apk Free 20.84 MB version 1.02

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