Soldiers of Glory: The New War


Soldiers of Glory: New War - a fascinating and exciting storyline games for free. We present you a great strategy, for example as a command and conquer, which commands respect among true connoisseurs of the genre represented.

Here you will find originality and uniqueness, which has resulted in this game mode, which allows enemies to destroy your tower, which complicates the exciting gameplay and increase the interest in the game. You will need the full attention of the defense.

Features Soldiers of Glory: The New War:

- There is a choice between endless waves or classical level

- There are several levels of difficulty - their 3, select your

- To come to the aid of three sub-super-weapons

- Different kinds of towers - their 9

- 100 cards, try it out in every battle

- A great arsenal of weapons

- Great special effects and great voice

- Quite a number of achievements, awards and titles

- The game is free and no ads

There are minor drawbacks: difficult economic situation, challenging gameplay, but not this lovely?



Download Soldiers of Glory: The New War apk Free 23.36 MB version 1.5.4

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