Township - a wonderful and informative game for Android, which probably active users android once, but played in the farm. The game teaches us to develop the farm, providing the ability to grow crops, and many other features. Reaching a certain goal, you realize that grow and develop all that was possible, and interest is lost, as your goal dostignuta.Takaya same situation can you conceive, when one of the main goals was to build up and the big city, with its infrastructure and citizens, but if you combine everything into one, it turns out super game and this game called - Township!

Only you and only here is an opportunity to build an ideal city and organize the perfect suburb. This will give citizens the suburbs clean and fresh produce their own farm. You get the opportunity to build a multi-level economy and gameplay will not just be fun, and even intriguing.
Grow in a suburb of purely ecological products and deliver them to the city, after recycle your factories, which will bring you more profits you will be able to invest for the development of your city.

Township has features:

- Great selection of all kinds of buildings and structures

- Have the ability to grow crops and to put it into production

- A great number of many characters

- Comfortable and simple operation game

- The presence of famous monuments and wonders

- Have the opportunity not only to invite friends from Facebook but also to share with them the resources and good humor.

Enjoy your time spending.

Download Township apk Free 39.93 MB version 1.1.3

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