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DRAGON QUEST VIII - Meet the wonderful app on Android. You can understand everything just from the title, where you can meet the eighth part of the game, despite the fact that many people do not come across with the previous family. In this case - it's JRPG, identical RPG, but only in Japanese. This game was on the world stage in the first on Android. Previously you might have come across it on a PC console, but you can not pay attention, and that the number of copies sold is close to five million.

Great classic RPG genre with its Japanese original style and graphics. Awesome drawn game from the creator of the comic book and cartoon Dragon Ballz. At this stage you can meet a lot of similar games of this genre, but this game is interesting in its own way.

Great, exciting plot, on which you can write a whole book. A world that is filled with adventure, legends, heroes, who have their own destiny.

DRAGON QUEST VIII has features:

- Excellent game control and comfort

- Great battles filled many opportunities

- Beautiful scenery and a huge world full of interesting jobs and opportunities

- Great hero pumping system

- A variety of monsters and tempting habits hero

There is one minus the minimum - price.

Yes, of course - the game is awesome, quality product, exciting plot.



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