Toy Defense: Relaxed Mode


Toy Defense: Relaxed Mode - addictive game for Android with awesome warriors and strategies. Use this tactic to overcome the leader of the army of the enemy. Show your rivals what you can in the new tournament mode! You have to defend your base from enemy attacks incessant participate in weekly tournaments with friends. Try to win this battle.

If you have already played in the "soldiers", you will appreciate the extra mode is "Soldiers: an easy victory." There is a slight difference, but exactly not so strong enemy attack and calm gameplay that will appeal to every fan of the classic tower defense games. Win the battle will be much easier and more interesting.

Only you will experience exciting gameplay in a new tower defense game based on World War. Much more equipment, more weapons and military tactical tricks. Destroy your enemies, protect your headquarters, with a realistic atmosphere of hostilities.

And let your soldiers game, but the war is just real.

Toy Defense: Relaxed Mode has features:
1. Detailed military battles
2. Incredible and exciting missions in different worlds - their 88
3. Realistic weapon, which corresponds to time, including improvement
4. Variety of enemies - their 9
5. Has a reward system - their 29
6. Absolutely all worlds available without any extra charge
7. Has integration with Facebook
8. 4 novye appeared incredible features:
- Repairmen, allowing reconstruction of the towers going without your participation.
- The resurrection, will resurrect your tower and immediately go into battle.
- Illegal hold, push enemies finger.
- Protective kick help protect the base, eliminating enemy shock.

The following updates will be able to give you even more new worlds and improvements.



Download Toy Defense: Relaxed Mode apk Free 9.62 MB version 1.13

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