King's Empire for Tango


King's Empire for Tango - an incredible game for Android that captures all your free time. The game's plot is spectacular and unique. A century has passed after the capture of the planet. Throughout the time the people sought his hero, a king who would free civilization from invaders and restore history. Needs a king, who was able to build his empire, who could love his people, who could build magnificent castles and indestructible, to establish trade relations with its neighbors, strengthen alliances, well, not least to create a strong and invincible army that can defend their people and their territory.

King's Empire for Tango has features:
1. You have the opportunity to organize and join a strong alliance
2. You need to build and control the development of many cities
3. Develop and seize territory to expand his kingdom
4. The incredible world, a vast world, where thousands of real players
5. Use its unique strategy and its tactics, that the whole world was at your feet
6. Once you have the opportunity to conduct communication with real players from around the world and in real time.

It is important to note that the gameplay you need an Internet connection, and the whole entire game data is stored in the cloud.

Successful to you game!

Download King's Empire for Tango apk Free 39.06 MB version 1.6.7

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