Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free


Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free - ¬ęSoldiers 3: The Middle Ages" incredible strategy for Android, offers you the amazing world of Witchcraft and Wizardry with brave warriors Tags archers, bloodthirsty goblins, dreadful dragons and various other things. It should be noted that the application is known around the world, capturing the hearts of 15 million players in just one year of its existence.

Cooked to unprecedented battles and the victory of brave heroes. Become headed brave and steadfast knights. Take in his army only the best, only the strongest, shrewd and wise, and then the glory of your army will rattle the entire world.

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free has features:
- Great battles with great gameplay
- An incredible atmosphere of magic game
- Colorful and superb graphics, traced in detail
- Ugostite

Your friends unforgettable emotions, inviting them to this world


conduct competitions with your friends

- Great variety of enemies here and trolls and goblins and dragons, and mercenaries
- Spend fighting with the leaders
- Collect in your army of the best warriors and build any fortress that can lead you to victory
- There is a great opportunity to strengthen and improve the combat installations in 6 directions
- An option to upgrade soldiers in several different directions
- An incredible achievement for the brave commander for the long game
- Dates incredible game bonuses.

Victory to you!


Download Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free apk Free 10.2 MB version 1.0

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