Dungeon Keeper


Dungeon Keeper - an incredible strategy for Android, which will be able to assess the true fans of the genre. It should be noted that the game is fully consistent with the style of tower defense in real time.

Home and the main task to dig, build, dominate. Only in your power to build the impregnable fortress. Build underground kingdom, calling upon the powers of darkness.

You come to the aid of midges strong army, in whose ranks and trolls, demons, witches and other dark and evil.

Demonstrate their ability to strengthen the defense and properly thought out traps straddling scheme underground. Just do not forget that there is an opportunity to build a torture chamber, and not attacking you get surprises.

As shown here practice bad to be good. Do you have a great opportunity to use other people's resources, you can attack the enemy dungeon and steal

resources. Just put your troops and move away from the traps, guns explosive, toxic gases and other difficulties. You can get help and wonderful
deadly spell through the Hands of Evil ™.

It is important to note that in order to Your servants to work harder, they need to spank.



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