Pirates Journey: Caribbean


Pirates Journey: Caribbean - a great strategy game for Android, which filled all the spare your time. Embark on a journey with his team and enjoy the pirates from taking action which consist of strategy and battles. As a true leader, create a pirate bay, defending it in battles with other players, and this will help the tower. How to train a brave captain of the pirates and their captain, to capture enemy resources and gold. A great opportunity to play against other great companies pirates or even online, where you expect thousands of opponents across the globe, winning the title of King of Pirates!

Pirates Journey: Caribbean has features:
1. totally free to play on your mobile device, right now on the attack
2. a great opportunity to fight on the battlefield online for the title of King
3. create your own Booty Bay
4. Only your choice characters and abilities
5. incredible 15 defensive towers, traps for defense ship
6. challenge and become a legend.

And let the best man win!

Download Pirates Journey: Caribbean apk Free 41.24 MB version 1.0.9

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